Production Services
  Properly designed and engineered productions are our forte.  From conception to shooting, editing, and post, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them have a successful project.  Whether it is one camera to complete the project or a full ten camera multi-cam with crew and coordination, we pride ourselves on giving the highest level of service and performance in the business.

Single Camera:

  Single camera style shooting can range from “ENG” news style shooting to film style shooting and everything in between.  It has always been our strong point to communicate with the client and videographer to individualize each camera package to fit their projects requirements.


  With today’s requirements for multi-camera style shooting being varied and complex, we take great pride in the design and implementation of our flypacks for this production style.  Up conversion, down conversion and multiple sync sources, format inputs and outputs are common requirements and fit comfortably into our knowledge base.  From small and compact to larger, more versatile systems is what we have found to be the realities of this type of shooting.  We embrace this challenge and are especially good at it.  Let us walk you through the process and adapt our systems to your unique production requirements.


  Our experience has always demonstrated that client and crew chemistry are of the highest priority on any production.  Having been supplying crew in the Bay Area, and world wide for so many years we have specialization of combining the right kind of talent for the right client and project.  From music and comedy to corporate and sports, from self direction to sensitive talent spotlighted projects; we know how to bring it all together.

Production Management:

  From initial client and project contact to the scout, shoot, post and distribution, good production management makes a huge impact on any project’s success.  This is an area where our wide range of experience can be of high value.  Reaching our clients’ goals and vision in an efficient and effective manner, via support and good planning, is what we will bring to any production.  Let us share your vision and we can develop a plan of action to get there.

Post Production:

  We pride ourselves on planning for post appropriately.  Once there, transferring and managing the evolution of the project with an eye on budget and end user requirements. We can supply the most efficient and effective system, management and delivery available.